ChrisLinn Promotional3 652x700Springtime In The Park™ is in full bloom. This year's Springtime in the park includes three weekends. March 30th - April 1, April 7-8th and April 14-15th. Be sure to check the website or Hersheypark app for hours.

Springtime In The Park™ is a chance to experience the park in a semi-limited compacity at a lower than normal prices. The Boardwalk isn't open yet and neither are some of the food and game stands. However, the Chevrolet Music Box theatre features a special springtime show. This year's show features Chris Linn. Chris is "America's Magical Funnyman™"  who mixes comedy with magic to create an energetic family fun show.


Springtime in the park is a great way to experience most of the park with generally shorter lines before the summer heat arrives.