2018 newrides


Today select Season Pass holders had a chance to ride the brand-new Breaker's Edge water coaster and the new 8-way racer. Select season pass holders were invited to experience Hersheypark’s two newest water rides as well as the entire Boardwalk as part of special preview event before the Boardwalk opens to the public tomorrow.

Riders race through an industry-first of double looping tunnels with a Rally Point where neighboring competitors can be seen and heard. After each heat, race times are featured on the arena-sized Whitecap℠ Racer Leaderboard.

Rocket through thrilling splash-filled hills, intense open-air FlyingSAUCERTM turns, and high-speed tunnels on our 14th coaster. Riders accelerate on 4-person family rafts through a dynamic course of drops, dives, and maximum g-force curves that will re-define water thrill rides.


2018 breakersedge